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7 a 11 de setembro 2020Colóquio Online

Creative approaches to Intergenerational Transmission of Memory and History Education

Vicente Maia Centro Nacional Chega! (CNC), TIMOR-LESTE; Institute of Memory in Timor-Leste, TIMOR-LESTE

This paper will reflect on Centro Nacional Chega! (CNC) Education and Training Unit (ETU) use of writing of family histories and other creative approaches to introduce the history of the 1974-1999 conflict to younger generations in order to promote dialogue and non-violence, respect for human rights and mutual understanding.
The ETU- Centro Chega! promoted several initiatives, from the fostering of family histories' writing and the intergenerational stories' programme, painting competitions with secondary schools and universities, to the use of visual media such as photography and film in exhibitions displayed at the prison building where CNC is housed.
By focusing in the intergenerational transmission of memory as an approach for introducing the people's history and memory to younger generations, we also aim to provide innovative methodologies and relevant materials for educators. Over the last two years, this education programme has been introduced in different levels of education, specifically at high schools and universities, youth organizations and government Institutions.
The Education and Training Unit is also working closely with schools in facilitating initiatives such as the Chega! Tour and providing Chega! books to schools’ libraries in Dili and in other municipalities. Through close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and schools, the Chega! Tour program attracts many visitors, not only local students but also students from outside who visit CNC exhibitions.