International Conference TLSA-PT

Timor-Leste:The Island and the World

7 – 11 September 2020Online Conference



The recordings* of the sessions of the International Conference TLSAPT2020 Timor-Leste: The Island and the World will be available on YouTube, and accessible through the conference platform

These videos are currently for exclusive use of the participants who completed their registration in the conference, therefore, we kindly ask you not to share their web addresses outside the conference platform. However, the recordings will be made public in the future at the YouTube channel TLSAPT2020 (exception made to the cases of objection from the speakers).

The forums of each panel are still open, so it is still possible to continue the discussions.

Please activate the e-mail notification option in the panel forums and check your spam box regularly to be informed of new entries as well as of the link to the recordings of the panels.

*(we inform you in advance of the amateur character of the these recordings)